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Product Description

Bombay Market Crunch is one for the spice lovers!

By popular request, a SPICY addition to the CrunchDaddy family!  This one brings some HEAT!

Bombay Market Crunch will tickle your tastebuds and remind you of your favorite Indian dishes with an incredible masala (spice blend) that works perfectly on popcorn!  Over 15 different herbs, spices, dried fruits and salts go into our masala to bring you this exotic taste experience! Whether you’re a chili head or just love the adventures of Indian cuisine, Bombay Market Crunch will not disappoint!

INGREDIENTS: popcorn (popped in canola oil), spices, dry mango, pomegranate seeds, musk melon, mint, salt

ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Produced in a kitchen that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk and soy. This product is gluten-free.

The Rest of the Story…

The art of the Indian spice blend, the “masala,” is wondrous and complex. No other cuisine can take us on such a thrilling culinary journey as you sample dish after dish. In Bombay Market Crunch we get to enjoy a fine Indian masala on nearly neutral ground. Those who love Indian food will revel in it… but if you have an aversion to spice, we doubt that this one will change your mind.

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1-gallon recloseable kraft paper bag, 1.5-quart poly bag with zip lock, 1/2-gallon plastic tub